Ok guys,

it's time for a few changes on this blog! Having been 'on the Island' (as opposed to Mainland Europe :-) and trying my best in speaking English for almost eight months now (wow! can't believe it myself!) - I  decided to 1) write more on this blog in the future than I did in the past and 2) write it in English from now on. (Sorry Mama, I know - but this is the chance for you to forget about French, Italian, Spanish - and bring your English back to life :-)

Not because I want to show off and demonstrate how wonderful and amazing my English is, ha, but because I'm getting confused myself! I remember laughing at 'The Man' (how on earth could I translate der Mann into English?) when he was talking in a kind of weird German on the phone back in 2010 and 11 when he was here and I was not (yet)... And now - I totally understand it! My brain is just not coping with two languages, it seems (maybe because of its size, some people might assume...). Sometimes (Often!) I can't really say what I want to say in English - but can't do so in German, either! How stupid is that?

Another reason for blogging in English is that I've just discovered (and am still discovering!) the whole world of blogs - mostly sewing blogs, but also some food blogs - and I thought I could give it a go myself, too, with publishing more of the things I've sewn, made, baked. I can do more than just bread!  And I want the English bloggers to understand what I'm doing, too.

Well, this is the impression of my last two weekends so far, lots of food and fabric!

Fabric first:

Me in my new 'upcycled' shirt - I cut out the old boringv-neck and replaced it by a nice peter pan collar.  I found the instruction here.

This is a laptop sleeve for my new and precious mac-baby. I bought the pattern here, but had to adjust it slightly to make the perfect fit. It's come out so lovely that The Man wanted to have one, too, which I made. In boring colours so I won't show it :-)

And now time for some fooooooood:

This was a 5-minute-salad - I invented it while making it and only because the fennel had to be eaten,. I sliced it and added avocado - and a dressing with mustard, mint and basil. Herbs home-grown on the windowsill!

Well this was my flatmate R.'s Idea: GINGERBEER. Loads of  sugar, not as much ginger as one might expect,  a bit of yeast, and water to the top. We'll see what's gonna happen within the next 48 hours....

I did it again! My sourdough was desperately waiting in the fridge for me - this weekend I finally made it. Rye and Kamut  flour, with spices and, this time, enough salt - but left it in the oven a little bit too short so it's a bit doughy...

hmmmmmm and another one, after the first quiche I made two weeks ago had been eaten within seconds. Very classic, with leek and bacon.
By the way, at the moment I'm eating wholemeal pasta with blue cheese. My secret treat for when The Man is not at home (he doesn't like either of it). Should add some olives, beetroot and couscous to it to make it a perfect 'husband's not at home-dinner'...

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